New Partnership with Spinal Cord Injuries Australia (SCIA)


We are very excited to announce our corporate partnership with Spinal Cords Injuries Australia. SCIA is a not for profit organisation which have been providing an invaluable service within our communities everyday since 1967. We hope that through our partnership many more suffers of Spinal Cord Injuries will be afforded the help and support of such a wonderful organisation.

Because Australia does not yet have an accurate, centralised way of recording people living with Spinal Cord Injuries, statisitcal information does vary somewhat. According to research conducted in 2006 – 2008 there were over 9,000 Australian’s living with Spinal Cord Injuries, with almost one new case everyday.*(

Having a range of Therapuetic Sleep Systems, commonly known as Adjustable Beds or Therapeutic Beds, specifically designed with a Hi-Lo option as well as the independent head and foot elevation has allowed us to offer SCIA members a fit for purpose solution, with all the luxury inclusions we have become famous for.

If you feel as strongly as we do about the amazing services offered by SCIA, please visit their website and donate to help keep this organisation out in the field supporting suffers.


You can read SCIA’s media release here: