What Sleeping Positions Support You Best?

The positions in which we sleep can impact our recovery and health conditions, yet we often overlook our sleeping position when addressing our health concerns.

Adjusting your sleeping position with a pillow is often the first, easy step in testing how modifying how you sleep can help improve your sleep. An adjustable bed is the next step in dramatically improving your quality of sleep .

Slight Elevation
Slightly Elevated Sleeping Position The ideal sleep position! Complete support for spine, Joints, muscles and pain relief.

Reduced pressure on your circulatory system can assist in maintaining healthy blood flow and lymphatic drainage.


Leg Elevation
Leg Elevation Sleeping Position Elevate your legs above your head to relieve symptoms such as restless legs, edema, fluid retention, tired and sort feet and legs.


Head Elevation
Head Elevation Sleeping Position This is the ideal sleep position for people with respiratory problems like emphysema, asthma, chest congestion, hiatus hernia and reflux.


Leg and Head Elevation
Leg & Head Elevation Sleeping Position Your body is cradled into a foetal position, ideal for skeletal and muscular pain relief. Also assists to maintain healthy blood flow from head to toe.


Supine or lying flat on your back requires a supportive mattress with a soft memory foam layer to allow reduction in pressure.

Laying flat reduces pressure on your spine and joints, allowing your body time to rest and rejuvenate.



Side sleeping can aid in digestion, reduce heartburn and assists to reduce snoring caused by positional sleep apnea.


With sleep so important to our day to day health, it pays to pause and look at the simple things – like sleeping positions – and the big impact making a small change can have.


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