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Comfortable and love using the massage

We find the bed very comfortable, it has improved our sleep pattern as I have Insomnia and it has eased my severe back pain. My wife has severe knee problems which has caused her not been able to have a good night sleep. Before the bed was installed my wife had to use pain relief for her knees as she was taking medication every night because of broken sleep by being in pain. She was amazed how comfortable her knees were especially using the elevation on her legs, and having no pain relief after a long period of time.

During the short time of us having the bed my wife has had Arthroscopy Surgery and the bed has helped her tremendously with her pain after the surgery. We highly recommend the bed and the benefits it has given us with our pain and our sleeping pattern and how comfortable and warm the bed’s amazing and we don't regret buying the bed.


Very Very Satisfied Customer

My husband Mick and I purchased the Cloud Luxury Therapeutic Sleep System by Revitalife several weeks ago. We are truly happy with our new bed. I can honestly say it's the most comfortable bed we've had in our 50 years of marriage! Mick is sleeping so much better now and I have so much more energy during the day.

It's been an absolute pleasure dealing with the Revitalife people from the sales rep who came to see us to the guys who installed it and the Staff at Head Office. Everyone was very friendly and very professional and both Mick and I can highly recommend their product and their magnificent service.


The best King Size investment I have ever made.

I purchased the bed online after speaking to a wonderful sales person who took the time to explain the salient features of the bed. I trusted him even though I had only saw the bed on social media posts, and I am extremely satisfied as I followed my gut instinct when signing up and delivery was made as advised, installation was included in the price and was done with no fuss and in about 2 hours. I found the quality of the product extremely good as I had an upmarket ensemble prior to purchasing this bed, which was almost double the price of this bed, but did not get the satisfaction I feel now with the quality of my sleep. Goodbye aches and pains! I would recommend this product to anyone who is suffering from back pains and pains due to arthritis, leg cramps and most importantly sleepless nights! Since I got the bed, I have stopped taking sleeping tablets and cut down on my pain medication. I wake up refreshed after a full night of deep and satisfying sleep!


Love it, sleeping for 7 – 8 hrs has never been so easy.

No longer need my sleep apnea machine.

Easy to use. Lots of sleep positions to choose from Team that put the bed together were very knowledgeable. Bed is very comfortable.

Love the option to position the bed the same or different to my wife depending on how tired or sore I feel.


Best purchase ever!

Was lucky to have your staff assembly our queen size split bed first night slept soundly we believe it is one of the best investments we have made should have done it before now.


Should of bought years ago.

The most comfortable bed I have ever slept in. I particularly like the zero G position. The purchase transaction and staff was faultless. Delivery was prompt and efficient and all functions clearly explained and demonstrated. Highly recommended!


Great bed, Twin Queen – both my partner and I love it very comfortable

Great quality, loving the Twin Queen mattress with all the bells and whistles associated with this amazing bed and in particular love the massage section and the non-evasive night light great service and helpful salespeople, very professional thank you.


The Perfect chair for us seniors

We have had our reclining massage chair for approximately two months now and although I don’t use it a lot due to my wife hogging it most of the time when I have used it, the massage component has been a Godsend. The chair is well finished with a good deal of thought has being instituted in the overall design.

We didn’t have to worry about any assembly as the Revitalife staff who delivered our chair executed all the assembling for us as part of the service. Summing up we are very happy with our chair.


I have a spinal problem which the chair has helped me amazingly!

I have recently purchased a Massage chair and have found it so amazing. I sit and have my morning cup of tea and turn on the massage. I find it loosens the tightness I usually suffered in the lower spine where the lower vertebrae leaks and causes discomfort. I also use it during the day while watching the television. Secondly my legs used to ache at night and this problem seems to have gone since I have been using the chair, the massage obviously aiding my circulation. We are very pleased that we have purchased the Therapeutic Lift and Recliner Chair. I recommend the massage chair as the massage is gentle /and not too strong as many massage units seem to be. The inclusion of Gentle Whole Body Vibration Therapy ensures you receive the benefits of increased circulation.


I am very pleased!!

I am very pleased to receive this opportunity. I have frequently praised the benefits of my wonderful bed to anyone who’ll listen.
My sleep has improved in many ways. Flat on my back in Semi-Fowler most nights I would have perhaps 5 ‘sessions’ of vibration while I read. Then sleep. If I waken I’ll have a few more.

And then again before I get up in the morning. Wonderful. I wake refreshed with no pain! I like the sound to a ships engine and pretend I’m on a cruise – I wish.

The only pain I have now is caused by sitting in cars

Barb Howell

6-7 hours sleep and sometimes longer

Since 2012 I have had a lot of problems. Diabetes, cancer – very bad pain due to arthritis. Wasn’t sleeping well, lucky to get 4 hours sleep. After the bed demonstration I decided to give it a try. Best thing I ever did.

The massage has helped considerably and the recline and elevation is really good.

I now manage a good 6-7 hours sleep and sometimes longer.

Thank you.

Barbara Rodgers

It is the best bed I have ever slept on

As I suffer Osteoporosis, and have had 2 fractures in my spine in the last 2 years, the pain is almost unbearable. But since I purchased my new bed I am able to sleep and rest so much more comfortably.

The comfort of the Cloud Luxury mattress and the gentle massage component makes my back pain bearable.

I honestly don’t know how I managed without it. It is the best bed I have ever slept on.

Brenda Green

Sleeping more peacefully

Both of us are enjoying and feeling the benefit from our bed. Firstly we are sleeping more peacefully with the elevated head and the elevated leg position.
As a sufferer from both breast cancer and lymphoma I have neuropathy in both feet and hands. The massage component helps the circulation greatly which in turn warms my feet particularly (Better blood circulation means I have less cramps in my legs, feet and hands). The vibration also assists to enhance blood circulation to my lymph nodes and lumps.

Dianne & Dough Leitch

Relief of my aches..

As a sufferer of Osteoarthritis I find the vibration settings invaluable for relief of my aches in my back and neck.

Kevin McNamara

My sleep has improved

Due to severe unfixable shoulder injury I was having major sleep disturbances. I have always slept on my right and it is my right should that is injured, so in my sleep I would roll onto my right side, and wake up due to pain. Since purchasing the Revitalife bed I have it positioned so that its impossible to physically roll. Surprisingly this position is actually more comfortable and I don’t hurt my should in my sleep. My current treaters have also noted that my shoulder is not seizing as much as it used to. As I am hurting it less the overall problem with the shoulder or the symptoms are better. Daily I would wake in major pain and start my day in a negative. Now I wake and have a good few hours before the pain gets bad. I treasure this time. More sleep has improved many aspects of my life including my PTSD.

Holly Richardson

Unique combination of two Class 1 medical devices providing better quality sleep and enhancing your quality of life.

Australian Family-Owned

Revitalife is a family owned and operated medical devices company located throughout Australia. We are proud to have helped thousands of Australians suffer less from their aches, pains and ailments, enjoy faster physical recovery from sports and age-related issues and have been championing the concept of “High Performance SleepTM” since 2004.

Sleep Safely with Fire Retardant

At Revitalife we have tested our mattress through using an approved 30-minute flammability test. This test, which follows a very strict procedure, is conducted over an open flame. The Cloud Luxury and Freedom Ranges all comply with Title 16 Code of Federal Regulations Part 1633.

The Power of Two Class 1 Medical Device

The combination of Celliant® and the Cloud Luxury Therapeutic Sleep System range gives you the health/therapeutic benefits of two Class 1 medical devices.

Celliant and Revitalife are medical devices and have been notified on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG). Celliant has been notified on the New Zealand Web Assisted Notification of Devices (WAND).