Announcing new partnership with Sleep Disorders Australia

Revitalife, Your Sleep Solution, announces new partnership with Sleep Disorders Australia

“As a registered Class 1 Medical Device company, Revitalife has helped many to improve their sleep. We are serious about sleep. I am excited to join with Sleep Disorders Australia as a proud supporter of both their organisation and Australia’s first Sleep Health & Wellbeing Expo. This collaboration will allow us to expand our shared commitment to raising the awareness of sleep disorders and the importance of connecting sufferers with subject matter experts, professional support and healthy sleep practices.” Clive van Deventer, Revitalife CEO

Australia’s industry leader in quality therapeutic products, Revitalife, is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Sleep Disorders Australia (SDA) as major sponsor of Australia’s first Sleep Health & Wellbeing Expo and their not-for-profit advocacy organisation.

Established in 1994, Sleep Disorders Australia has shown itself to be a leading charitable body within the sleep advocacy field, raising awareness of sleep disorders and the impact on the lives of those who suffer. Working with a wide range of sleep health professionals and peak bodies including the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research, Australasian Sleep Association, Hypersomnolence Australia and the Sleep Health Foundation, Sleep Disorders Australia contributes valuable resources to the industry and individuals interested in healthy sleep practices.

Revitalife, as a specialist in therapeutic products, including Adjustable Beds and Recliner Lift Chairs with Whole Body Vibration Therapy, has a core belief that everyone deserves restful sleep. Through this partnership with Sleep Disorders Australia Revitalife are excited to further expand this message to people across Australia.

Through this partnership Revitalife will work closely with Sleep Disorders Australia to expand their message through their “Sleep Disorders Australia Subscription”, which gives all sufferers, family, medical professionals and members of the public access to valuable tools and information regarding sleep disorders.

“Sleep Disorders Australia is happy to receive the support of an industry leader in Revitalife. We look forward to working together to reach more Australians and raise awareness of sleep disorders and the significance they can have on the lives of those affected by them.” Michelle Chadwick, Sleep Disorders Australia Chairperson.

About Sleep Disorders Australia

Sleep Disorders Australia

Sleep Disorders Australia (SDA) is a voluntary not-for-profit organisation that provides information and support to people affected by sleep disorders throughout Australia. SDA advocates the needs of people with sleep disorders by raising awareness of sleep disorders and their impact on people’s lives. SDA also offer support and education with regards to preventing and treating sleep disorders.

Membership is available to all sufferers, members of their family, medical professionals, and any member of the public who has an interest in the area of sleep disorders.


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About Revitalife

Revitalife Sleep Solitons -

Revitalife is an Australian family owned and operated medical devices company specialising in innovative Therapeutic products for everyone, from elite athletes to senior Australians. Working closely with leading health, fitness and medical professionals, Revitalife’s goal is to help more Australians suffer less, enjoy faster recovery and attain restful sleep. As a registered National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provider, Revitalife proudly stand by their CARE culture – Clients are really everything – and work hard to ensure respect, quality and accountability in every step of a customer’s journey.

Revitalife offers one-on-one personalised consultations, both in home and online, to work with clients and customers in building a sleep solution that works best for their unique needs and requirements.


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