Revitalife and Hologenix, LLC Enter into Licensing Agreement to use Celliant® for Therapeutic and Adjustable Beds offering Australians a better night’s sleep

Revitalife has just announced an exclusive partnership with Hologenix, LLC – manufacturer of Celliant technology – in the Australian & New Zealand adjustable bed sector.

Revitalife’s strategic partnership with Hologenix allows the company to offer beds that incorporate Celliant® technology the world’s most advanced, clinically tested respon-sive textile technology, that recycles the body’s energy into Infrared Energy through the medium of fibres. Revitalife aims to use the Celliant technology in their beds to po-sition itself as a market leader, just like global brand Under Armour, who are also using Celliant’s patented technology to innovate their products.

How does it work? Body heat is captured by the mineral matrix and converted to Infra-red Energy, which is absorbed into the body. The result is more energy, which may lead to superior muscle performance, faster recovery, improved thermal regulation and more restorative sleep. Revitalife CEO Clive van Deventer says the company is committed to developing and marketing products that improve people’s lives through increased cellular oxygena-tion, more restful sleep, thermoregulation and quicker recovery.

‘‘In Australia, we are the first company to combine two Class I medical devices, our Re-vitalife therapeutic adjustable beds and chairs are now melded with Celliant’s patent-ed technology and this can lead to a better-quality sleep and ultimately better health’’ says van Deventer. ‘‘We spend roughly a third of our lives sleeping. Shouldn’t we make that time count?’” Leading experts in medicine, physics and biology have spent decades developing this proprietary technology that, when built into Revitalife’s sleep systems, gives us im-proved sleep quality and wellness.

“We are excited to be partnering with Revitalife, Celliant engineered products are the first of their kind to be designated as medical devices” said Richard Braham, Celliant Regional Manager. “Celliant technology is used in a range of every day products which assists in the increase of local circulation and has been clinically proven to improve sleep quality and wellness.” “We believe Celliant is a truly disruptive technology that has transformational applications for textiles, and we are currently evaluating additional applications for Celliant in the healthcare market” Braham said.

About Revitalife (

Revitalife is a national family owned and operated Australian medical devices company located throughout Australia. We specialise in industry leading Therapeutic products for everyone, from elite athletes to Senior Australians. Our innovative & state-of-the-art range includes Therapeutic Sleep Systems of Adjustable Beds and Therapeutic Beds with Whole Body Vibration Therapy and Therapeutic Recliner Lift Chairs with Whole Body Vibration Therapy. We are proud to have helped thousands of Australians suffer less from their aches, pains and ailments, enjoy faster physical recovery from sports and age-related issues and have been championing the concept of “High Performance Sleep™” since 2004.

About Hologenix, LLC and Celliant®
Hologenix, LLC, Celliant’s ( U.S. parent company, is committed to developing and marketing products that improve people’s lives. Celliant is a patented clinically-tested textile technology that harnesses and recycles the body’s natural energy through the medium of fibres. Celliant products are Class 1 medical devices and are included on the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration ARTG and on New Zealand’s Medsafe WAND system. Celliant’s applied science utilises a blend of minerals and proprietary ingredients embedded into the core of the fibres. Use of products containing this technology has been clinically proven to improve athletic performance, sleep quality and wellness.


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