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Therapeutic Sleep Systems

Therapeutic Sleep Systems more commonly known as Electric Adjustable Beds from Revitalife

Our range of Cloud Luxury and Euro Luxury Therapeutic Sleep Systems, commonly known as Electric Adjustable Beds, offer a type of therapeutic massage known as Whole Body Vibration Therapy. They provide a luxurious massaging therapeutic effect. Our Freedom Plus range of Sleep Systems, along with our Cloud Luxury and Euro Luxury ranges offer all the benefits of independent head and foot elevation, at the touch of a button. Sleeping in one of a Therapeutic Bed from Revitalife may assist with improving sleep quality, as finding the perfect position for sleep for everyone is completely effortless, and with our ‘My Zone’ button, you can return to the exact spot night after night with one push of a button.

Revitalise Your Sleep

Our therapeutic sleep systems are expertly engineered and offers modern innovation with a touch of class.

Fully adjustable beds

Control sleep positions with your remote providing total body support and spinal alignment.

Recover as you sleep

Recover as you sleep with Celliant® technology.

Body vibration therapy

Ensures you receive the benefits of increased circulation at the touch of a button.

Tri-Cloud technology

The Tri-Layer memory foam mattress will support back and side sleepers. Reducing pressure on your spine and joints allowing your body time to rest and rejuvenate.

Wallhugger movement

To prevent pillows from slipping.

Under bed lighting

Turn on the soft led lighting around the base of the bed via your remote control.

Fire Retardant

At Revitalife we have tested our mattress using an approved 30-minute flammability test.