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Product Warranty

Warranty Terms

Revitalife Therapeutic & Adjustable Beds:

  • 10 year warranty on frame
  • 5 year warranty on all mattresses
  • 5 years on motor
  • 2 years Warranty on remote control

Haven Chairs:

  • 2 Years Warranty on the Haven Recliner
  • 2 years Warranty on remote control

Product Warranty Warning

The Adjustable Base is specifically designed to require no maintenance by you, the user.

  • Any opening or tampering with the control box, motors, or hand controls (apart from the battery compartment, if equipped) will result in a void of the warranty and is highly discouraged.
  • Only an authorised Revitalife Installer may conduct repairs or replace parts on your Adjustable Base.
  • Transportation and Installation must be done by an authorised Revitalife Installer.
  • Warrantees are not transferable unless installation has been done by an
    authorised Revitalife Installer, who will approve transfer Balance of Warrantees after thorough inspection has been completed.

In-Home Use Only

This adjustable base is designed exclusively for in-home use.

Consumers with Pacemakers

It is possible that the (optional) vibrating feature of this bed may be interpreted falsely by some pacemakers as movement and/or exercise. This is common with any product that produces a vibrating motion and may or may not affect your pacemaker. Please consult your physician with any concerns.

Safety Instructions

Small Children and Pets Warning

Immediately dispose of packing materials as it can pose a smother risk to small children and pets. Injury could occur also if children or pets are permitted to play on or under the bed. Do not allow children to operate this bed without adult supervision. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with an Adjustable Bed, it is not a toy and is not intended to be used as such.

NOTE: For optimal safety, using a surge protector (not included with this base) is highly recommended.

NOTE: For safety reasons, lifting of the adjustable base must always be performed by two (2) people; and the unit should always be placed on a flat surface before opening.

NOTE: Exceeding the recommended weight restrictions could damage your adjustable base and void your warranty

NOTE: Unauthorized modifications to this product could void the electrical portion of your warranty.

Further Information

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