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Delivery, Maintenance, Returns and Warranty

  • What warranty period is included?
    10 years on frame and 5 years on the Mattress and Motors. Any opening or tampering with the control box, motors, or hand controls (apart from the battery compartment, if equipped) will result in a void of the warranty and is highly discouraged. Only an authorised Revitalife Installer may conduct repairs or replace parts on your Adjustable Base. Transportation and Installation must be done by an authorised Revitalife Installer. Warrantees are not transferable unless installation has been done by an authorised Revitalife Installer, who will approve transfer balance of Warrantees after thorough inspection has been completed. Contact our team for any warranty enquiries.
  • Do you provide delivery?
    We provide full delivery on a suitable date and time, subject to stock availability.
  • Do you offer maintenance support?
    Our experienced specialists are able to assist you with any maintenance enquiries, please contact our Customer Care Department on 1800 061 616.
  • Do you offer returns?
    Please contact our Customer Care Department on 1800 061 616 for any enquiries.
  • Do you deliver Australia-wide?
    At Revitalife we want to make it easy for you to get into one of our beds or chairs, we’ll work with you to find a suitable delivery solution for almost all areas of Australia.
  • Where can I download your Operations Manual?
    If you have a Revitalife Cloud Luxury bed please find our full Instructions and Operations Manuals here for download.   Cloud Manual UPDATE 28.10.19   CL Instruction Manual_UPDATE