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Electric Lift Chairs – Perth

There are typically two kinds of people who buy our Revitalife electric recliner lift chairs in Perth. The first, and by far the biggest group, includes those with limited mobility, whether due to age, injury, or congenital conditions.

The second group includes those who spend up to 14 days every month extracting minerals from the ground in one of the harshest environments on Earth.

 If you’ve ever wondered why miners need so much time off when it would be more lucrative to remain on the job, it’s partly because of the stress of working in such challenging conditions, but even more because operating mining equipment like pneumatic rock hammers takes a heavy toll on the body.

Regular use of Revitalife chairs and Revitalife adjustable beds may assist to speed recovery, ensuring workers are able to return to their work sites feeling refreshed and invigorated. 

Professional athletes are also among our customer base for lift chairs in Perth, for a similar reason. A Revitalife chair or adustable bed can provide welcome relief after a hard training session, and also may help speed recovery from injuries and strains.
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Genuinely therapeutic

Revitalife lifting recliner chairs make it easier for people to get in and out of a seated position, which can literally be a life saver for people with limited mobility. This assistive technology alone would be sufficient to justify the purchase, but there’s more.

Every Revitalife chair includes a built in massage unit that provides whole body vibrational massage therapy (WBVT).

Even though this technology was invented as long ago as 1867 (by Swedish medical doctor, Gustav Zander), many in the scientific and medical community initially refused to recognise the validity of his research, without conducting any scientific investigation themselves.

 The growing body of anecdotal evidence in support of WBVT prompted renewed interest in the modern scientific community, leading to compelling research evidence proving the efficacy of WBVT in:

  • Increasing muscular strength
  • Improving the pressure pain threshold
  • Reducing plasma CK levels
  • Alleviating muscle soreness

Additional benefits of WBVT can include:

  • Improved blood circulation
  • Help in prevention of DVT and similar conditions
  • Improved joint flexibility
  • Assists with bone remodelling
  • May help prevent osteoporosis
  • May help with fat loss

We also know, from the very positive feedback we receive, and thousands of satisfied customers we have all around Australia, that our products are making a tremendous positive difference in people’s lives.

Available in Perth right now

You don’t need to wait to experience the benefits of Revitalife recliner lift chairs. Perth customers can visit our show room by appointment only, and there are also other select retailers throughout WA who are proud to stock our products due to their high quality and excellent reputation for therapeutic results.

Ask for Revitalife by name. This is how you will know you are getting the best electric lift chairs available on the market.

All our adjustable electric beds and electric lift chairs are of the highest quality. We supply our adjustable beds and electric lift chairs Australia wide including Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth & Melbourne.
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If you can’t make it into our Melbourne showroom, simply fill out the form below or contact us. We can arrange a therapeutic consultant to visit you in your own home for a FREE consultation to determine which one of our premium products is right for you.


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