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Electric Lift Chairs – Australia

Do you have difficulty getting in and out of armchairs? Do you experience cold feet, numbing, or unpleasant tingling sensations when seated? Do you suffer severe pain in your hips, lower spine, or knees?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you could benefit from having a Revitalife recliner lift chair, widely regarded as the best electric lift chairs Australia has available for sale.

Designed and sold in Australia by Revitalife, these high quality assistive technology products have already helped thousands of Australians afflicted by mobility limiting impairments to live a better quality of life, retaining their independence and relieving the severity of their ailments.
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How Revitalife can help

Revitalife makes and sells therapeutic furniture, including recliner lift chairs and electric adjustable beds. The products in both of these ranges have the potential to make some very big positive changes in your life.

Why buy from an expensive name brand when you can get affordable recliner chairs in Australia at a much lower cost, and offering the same or better technology?

Every Revitalife electric lift chair recliner in Australia was created with one very special goal in mind: helping you regain the vitality in your life.

To do this, we designed a chair that makes easy work of sitting and standing, but this is not the low quality lifting mechanism you’ll find in many other chairs. It is precision engineered technology to provide a smooth, safe, and efficient movement.

The reclining mechanism allows you to find the most comfortable sitting posture, and it can be adjusted instantly. You’re always in complete control, so you’ll never again feel that sense of panic that you’ll know only too well if you’ve ever found yourself stuck in a chair and unable to get up without assistance.

Another included feature that is uncommon for a lift chair in Australia is a Whole Body Vibrational Therapy (WBVT) massage system. This is powerful health boosting technology with a wide range of scientifically proven benefits.

The WBVT phenomenon

The concept of WBVT is credited to Dr Gustav Zander, who first proposed the idea in 1867. Unfortunately, the world wasn’t ready for such a controversial idea, and many scientists of his day were more egotistical than methodical, so his inventions weren’t given the respect they deserved.

As noted by Arthur Jones, inventor of the Nautilus high intensity exercise system, “If I had known about, and understood, Zander’s work, it would have saved me a lot of time and a rather large fortune in money, because the man was a genius. His only problem was that he lived about a century ahead of his time, at a time when very few people cared about exercise and even fewer knew anything about it.”

Fortunately, Zander’s work was not entirely lost, and some people did make use of his ideas. When the anecdotal evidence from patients who had experienced positive results from WBVT became overwhelming, the present day scientific community became interested.

Modern scientific research now proves that WBVT is every bit as therapeutic as Dr Zander originally claimed, and may even be more so, since there are things WBVT can do that Dr Zander couldn’t possibly have known about in his time.

Try the Revitalife products today

Why wait to start enjoying better health? As the research indicates, positive health benefits can be experienced (temporarily) from a single 60 second session of WBVT. 

Come on in to one of our show rooms and ask for a demonstration of our lifting recliner chairs and adjustable frame beds. Our staff will be happy to let you test both, can answer any questions you may have, and can explain the effectiveness of the therapy so you’ll know how it works.

You have nothing to lose and so much to gain by giving these products a totally obligation-free test today.

All our adjustable electric beds and electric lift chairs are of the highest quality. We supply our adjustable beds and electric lift chairs Australia wide including Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth & Melbourne.
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If you can’t make it into our Melbourne showroom, simply fill out the form below or contact us. We can arrange a therapeutic consultant to visit you in your own home for a FREE consultation to determine which one of our premium products is right for you.

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