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Adjustable Beds – Perth

As Australia’s most isolated capital city, Perth often is overlooked by suppliers, forcing WA residents to either wait longer to get access to the same products found in eastern states, or pay expensive transportation costs to have their items shipped direct.

We’re happy to say that when it comes to buying electric adjustable beds in Perth, you won’t have to wait to get your hands on the fantastic quality and affordable luxury available through Revitalife.
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More than just a comfortable bed

Anyone can make a bed comfortable (but that doesn’t mean everyone does!). We believe electric adjustable beds need to offer much more than just comfort. They should provide genuine therapeutic benefits, and indeed that is the main promise behind every Revitalife product.

Healthy sleep is a necessity

Do you suffer from debilitating conditions that make comfortable sleep an elusive dream?

Do you need to rest and recover after operating heavy duty mining equipment on location for a fortnight in one of the harshest environments on Earth?

Whatever the situation that’s causing you sleep deprivation, Revitalife has the solution for you. And not a moment too soon, because every time you don’t get enough sleep, you’re doing serious damage to your health, as this scientific report confirms.

When you buy adjustable beds in Perth from Revitalife, you are doing much more than simply adding a luxurious furnishing to your home. You’re buying a chance at better health, a longer life, and increased physical function.

The benefits are clear

With our products, older people may be able to remain strong and independent for much longer. 

Those crippled by painful conditions can find their symptoms lessened and sometimes even reversed.

People who have interrupted sleep due to snoring, apnoea, respiratory distress, or incontinence may notice dramatic improvements in the duration and quality of their sleep.

And those aching, sore muscles can be soothed and revitalised by the powerful therapeutic benefits of the built-in vibrational massage feature. 

We get accolades every single day

It’s always a thrill to know what a great difference our products are making in people’s lives. Thousands of Australian’s have put their faith in us, and as a result they’ve been able to live fuller, happier, and more healthful lives.

From all over the country, including those who have bought our electric adjustable beds in Perth, we get joyful reports from satisfied customers, thrilled to have enjoyed their first comfortable nigh of sleep in years, all thanks to purchasing from Revitalife.

There are no better beds in Australia

Sure, those fancy imported models may cost more, but our Australian designed beds offer superior luxury and technology at a far more affordable price. Plus you can trust in the fact that our beds are genuinely therapeutic, which is not always the case with other brands.

So when you’re ready to buy the best adjustable bed mattresses in Perth, the only name you need to remember is Revitalife.

The care and attention we lavish on our creations is what provides them with such outstanding durability and luxurious comfort. We spare nothing in the effort to create the very finest adjustable bed frames in Perth, and you’ll know this just by dropping into our Perth show room and experiencing the extreme comfort today.

Regain the vitality in your life with Revitalife

Our name says it all. We are the Australian therapeutic furnishings retailer that is 100% dedicated to improving the quality of life for our customers.

With Revitalife, you can sleep better, feel more energetic, and suffer much less pain. So don’t delay any longer. Every night you’re not sleeping on a Revitalife adjustable bed is a night you’re cheating yourself of the chance for better health.

All our adjustable electric beds and electric lift chairs are of the highest quality. We supply our adjustable beds and electric lift chairs Australia wide including Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth & Melbourne.
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If you can’t make it into our Melbourne showroom, simply fill out the form below or contact us. We can arrange a therapeutic consultant to visit you in your own home for a FREE consultation to determine which one of our premium products is right for you.


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