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Adjustable Beds – Brisbane

The best adjustable bed mattress in Brisbane is now available from Revitalife. If you haven’t already experienced the bliss of waking up on a Revitalife electric adjustable bed, you’re really missing out on something fantastic.

For a while now it has been possible to buy adjustable beds in Brisbane, but the key difference with Revitalife is that our beds are genuinely therapeutic. That means much more than just being comfortable.
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Real sleep therapy

The therapeutic effect of Revitalife beds will actively work to correct your sleeping posture, stimulate blood circulation, and alleviate the symptoms of painful conditions that may be interfering with your ability to get enough sleep.

When you can sleep the whole night through, you’ll feel a renewed sense of energy and vitality. It’s like having a whole new lease on life, and you can trust us when we say it’s truly a joy to experience such a remarkable difference right from the very first time you use a Revitalife bed.

Thousands of lives changed already

Many of our customers from all around Australia have been in touch to let us know what a change our beds have made in their lives.

Suffering a range of debilitating conditions from excruciating joint paint, to circulatory problems, to incontinence… thousands of satisfied customers have reported they’ve been able to enjoy their first night of comfortable, uninterrupted sleep in years, all thanks to purchasing a Revitalife bed.

Now available in Brisbane

You can now get these amazing electrical adjustable beds in Brisbane from our Revitalife show room, from our office in Molendinar, and you can also get information from a friendly personalised in the home consultation.

Better health is in reach today

If you have a genuine disability certified by a doctor, you could be eligible for funding assistance through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

That means even if you’re on a pension, buying a new bed isn’t necessarily out of reach, and in any case our Australian designed products are generally far more affordable than imported products from America or Europe.

Can you really put a price on your health and comfort? Do you want to feel stronger, more active, and more independent? Make it happen with Revitalife, the premium supplier of affordable electric adjustable beds in Brisbane.

Amazing technology

Each end of the mattress can be independently adjusted across multiple horizontal zones, allowing you to tailor your sleep posture with an exceptional degree of precision.

The built-in vibrational massage feature is just the thing to help get sluggish blood flowing more freely, and to provide soothing comfort to aching muscles and joints.

Some of our bed models can even be controlled by a computer tablet. Now that’s a very high-tech bed indeed.

Built to last

All our Revitalife beds are built from high quality materials including an all-steel frame, a ten-inch thick memory foam mattress, and high quality electric motors made from the best available components. And of course it’s all engineered for maximum safety, so you’ll be resting easy with Revitalife.

Try it today

Don’t spend another night missing out on the best sleep you’ve ever had. Come in for a visit and see how incredibly comfortable our bed will make you feel. We know you’re going to love it, and we can’t wait to see you have the chance to get more out of life.

All our adjustable electric beds and electric lift chairs are of the highest quality. We supply our adjustable beds and electric lift chairs Australia wide including Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth & Melbourne.
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If you can’t make it into our Melbourne showroom, simply fill out the form below or contact us. We can arrange a therapeutic consultant to visit you in your own home for a FREE consultation to determine which one of our premium products is right for you.


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