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Adjustable Beds – Adelaide

By now, everyone who suffers from insomnia or interrupted sleep due to aches and ailments should know how sensible it is to buy adjustable beds. But something you really need to know is that not all adjustable electric beds are built the same.

The products offered by Revitalife are genuine therapeutic sleep systems. That means they’re superior to a bed that is merely comfortable, because they actively work to help relieve symptoms, and make you feel revitalised.
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Real sleep therapy

These therapeutic adjustable beds are positively the best available adjustable electric beds in Adelaide.

Each horizontal zone of the bed can be raised or lowered precisely to the setting that works best for you, and the settings can be remembered by the bed, so even if you adjust them temporarily, you can still return to your ideal settings whenever you like, at the press of a button.

All our beds also contain a vibrational massage function which helps stimulate blood flow to the extremities and can also be beneficial to muscle tissue. This can be especially important for those unable to get out of bed without assistance, or people that are suffering ailments that can be improved with an improvement in cardiovascular or lymphatic circulatory systems.

Available right now in Adelaide

Where the eastern states have long had access to a wide variety electric adjustable beds, Adelaide consumers have had limited choice until now. Revitalife has brought the best quality in electric adjustable bed frames to Adelaide and other parts of South Australia.

Now that you have the choice to buy a better night’s sleep, you have the chance to enjoy a better life, with improved health and increased vitality. And the best part is you don’t have to wait to start seeing results, you’ll begin feeling better the very first time you use your Revitalife bed.

If you’re not 100% convinced, simply call us to arrange a visit at one of our show rooms (the nearest one to you is probably our Seaford show room), and test one of these fantastic therapeutic beds yourself. You’ll quickly see why more than 30,000 Australians have embraced this technology and improved their lives already.

Built to last

Every bed comes with a full 10-year warranty for the frame and 5-year warranty for the motor. There’s no catch. If you have any problems at all, we’ll fix or replace everything within the warranty cover period with no questions asked.

But all Revitalife beds are engineered for maximum durability, strength, and quality. It’s hardly ever the case that you’d need to make a service request either within the warranty period or far beyond it.

These beds are made with a solid heavy-duty steel frame that is virtually indestructible. Add to this a full ten inch thick mattress made from the highest grade of memory foam on the market. It’s no surprise our beds stand up to whatever anyone can throw at them.

Nothing to lose except your insomnia

So if you haven’t already experienced the joy of waking up on a Revitalife adjustable bed, what’s stopping you? Try one today and see what a difference it makes to your overall health and vitality.

All our adjustable electric beds and electric lift chairs are of the highest quality. We supply our adjustable beds and electric lift chairs Australia wide including Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth & Melbourne.
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If you can’t make it into our Melbourne showroom, simply fill out the form below or contact us. We can arrange a therapeutic consultant to visit you in your own home for a FREE consultation to determine which one of our premium products is right for you. 


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