Therapeutic Adjustable Beds / Sleep Systems

Therapeutic Adjustable Beds

Revitalife proudly design and build Australia’s leading range of Therapeutic Sleep Systems. Our range of advanced, premium quality Therapeutic Adjustable Beds and Sleep Systems provide the ultimate in luxury, comfort, support and recovery. This ensures a rejuvenating and peaceful night’s sleep, night after night.

Whether you’re an elite athlete or in your later years, you can benefit from our Therapeutic Beds. Actively managing both your sleep quality and your bodies positioning during the sleep period can have immeasurable rejuvenating effects on your body. Welcome to the world of High Performance Sleep™.

Therapeutic Recliner Lift Chairs

Experience the Revitalife difference in our premium range of Australian designed Therapeutic Recliner Lift Chairs. They provide you with the ultimate in comfort and luxury in your living room while supporting the body into your perfect lounging position at the press of a button.

Our lift chairs help you get in and out of your chair with less stress on your body than a normal electric recliner. Our Therapeutic range comes standard with Whole Body Vibration Therapy providing a great increase in circulation. This results in improved physical recovery and combined with a large dose of blissful relaxation.

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Therapeutic Electric Beds & Chairs Australia

Sometimes you can tell a lot about a company just from the name. That’s certainly true for Revitalife, because we’re all about helping you to regain vitality in your life.

Everyone knows the most important way to ensure overall health and well-being is to always get a good night’s sleep. Sadly, this has been an elusive goal for many Australians, especially those who already suffer from ill health or injuries.

But some really great news is there are definitely things you can do to improve the quality and duration of your sleep, and not surprisingly the bed you sleep on is a major factor. This is one of the ways Revitalife can help you recapture vitality and start feeling better.

Therapeutic Beds

Manufacturers often throw those words together, when really all they mean is that their beds are comfortable, so we’d like to take a moment to tell you what we mean when we talk about therapeutic beds.

To us, these words mean that the bed should provide a feeling of therapy. In other words, it should actually do good for your body, more than what you’d feel using an ordinary bed.

Therapeutic sleep systems must go beyond simply being comfortable. They should actively work to help alleviate the conditions that are causing you to have sleeping difficulties.

Designed in Australia, our Revitalife therapeutic electric beds are legendary for being very effective but also affordable therapeutic sleep systems.

Forget about the high cost of expensive imported American or European products. Our excellent electric adjustable recliner beds are not just lower in price, they’re absolutely top quality as well.

In fact, we’re so confident of the quality of our products, we’re including a free 10 year warranty on every bed, and that’s not all. We also give you a full five year warranty for replacement of electric motors, and a one year warranty for replacement or repair of the included remote control.

Those warranties are provided at no extra cost, and they’re iron-clad. Though it’s worth mentioning that from the thousands of Australians we’ve already helped to get back a better quality of life, we rarely ever received a warranty call.

That’s because our beds do the job they’re built for. With their high quality all steel frames and luxurious 10 inch thick memory foam mattresses, they simply don’t break down.

The quality durable construction gives you the comfort and support you need, and you’ll be amazed at the incredible technology that is packed into our systems. All the beds are fully adjustable and can be contoured with precision to suit your body perfectly.

Therapeutic Seating

Bedtime isn’t the only time when you need to be able to relax comfortably, and Revitalife has a range of therapeutic chairs available to help you take the weight off your feet and recline in comfort.

As with our beds, these recliner chairs are genuinely therapeutic and will absolutely help you feel better. Revitalife if the only name you should think of when you want to buy recliner chairs, because you won’t find better quality anywhere.

If you suffer from leg, hip, or back pain, you’ll already know what a struggle it can be to get back on your feet from an ordinary chair. But with these electric lift chairs from Revitalife, those struggles will fade to a distant memory.

Come on in to one of our show rooms and try this fabulous technology for yourself. You’re sure to be amazed at what a difference it makes, and while there’s no obligation to buy, you will certainly want to once you’ve given it a try.
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